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Annual Zebra Tournament information

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San Jose Zebra Youth Foundation

The San Jose Zebras Youth Foundation provide boys and girls of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage the opportunity to compete in tournament level youth basketball leagues across California. The Zebras also strive to instill the core values of sportsmanship, integrity, commitment, and team work which ultimately leads to lifelong friendships and memories to pass on to our future generations.

The San Jose Zebras sponsor 16 Tournament Youth Basketball teams that compete against other  Asian organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and Southern California. We have  boys and girls teams from school grades 6th to 12th. Our tournament season generally begins in April and runs through the end of October. The San Jose Zebras are located in San Jose, but we include players from  all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Our players travel from as far as Castro Valley and San Francisco in order to train and compete in our program.

San Jose Zebras Annual Memorial Day Tournament
In addition to team sponsorships, we host an annual Zebra Basketball Tournament on Memorial Day Weekend in San Jose.

  • 2021 Boys BACK: Assistant Coach JP Orogo • Tobey F. #15 - San Jose State University • Brhan P. #13 - University of Portland • Zachary H. #8 - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo • Neeko H. #1 - Cal State Fullerton • Justin A. #4 - Marine Reserves • Head Coach Kala Wong • FRONT: Andrew L. #12 - UC Irvine • Erik C. #10 - Cal State Fullerton • Logan E. #2 - Santa Clara University • Missing: Assistant Coach Mitchell Tsudama
  • 2021 Girls BACK: Coach Mark Akizuki • Jane L. #35 - Smith College • Avery L. #6 - Yale University • Sara H. #8 - University of Washington • Lydian L. #11 - Purdue University • Coach Yody Chi • Coach Trisha Yamaichi • FRONT: Maison Y. #12 - Pitzer College • Hali'a Y. #32 - University of Hawaii at Manoa • Katie Y. #1 - UC Davis • Kaitlyn A. #2 - Cal Poly Pomona
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