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Zebra Tournament Rules

Official Zebra Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament committee must approve any addition to the original submitted team roster made after the deadline. All players on the roster must be of Asian or Pacific Islander descent. Proof of ethnicity shall be the burden of each team and/or organization upon request of the tournament committee.

  2. There is no limit to the number of players allowed per team (see 14 & 15 below). Teams must have two (2) sets of regulation uniforms, one dark jersey and one light color jersey. Home Team jerseys shall be light color and Visiting Team jerseys shall be dark. Uniform numbers shall correspond to the submitted roster for player identification. Each player and parent/guardian must have signed a Player’s Waiver of Liability Agreement form to participate. This completed agreement must be submitted thirty (30) minutes prior to the first game.

  3. Each team will play a minimum of three games.

  4. Awards will be given to first, second, and third place teams if applicable per respective division (limited to a max of 10 awards for each place awarded, per division).

  5. Game Rules:

  • Boys and Girls games shall be played according to CIF Boys High School rules. Girls shall play with a women’s basketball and the closely guarded rule while dribbling will apply.
  • The quarters will be eight (8) minutes stop time. Grades 8th and below will play seven (7) minutes stop time quarters.
  • In gyms where a shot clock is available, a 35-second shot clock may be implemented for Boys (Grades 9th-12th). A 30-second shot clock with no back court may be implemented for Girls (Grades 9th12th). Zebra Gym Coordinators of each division will confirm use of a shot clock with each participating team.
  • The ten (10) second back court rule will apply.
  • There will be three (3) one minute and two (2) thirty (30) second time outs per game with carry over, with one (1) additional thirty (30) second time-out for each overtime.
  • In the event of a tie, the game will be decided by a three (3) minute overtime period. The “sudden death” rule will apply after the first overtime period (except for Championship games which will be decided by as many overtime periods as needed).
  • Technical fouls for “trash-talking” will be assessed at the discretion of the referee with no warning. A technical foul for “trash-talking” disqualifies a player for the remainder of the half in which the infraction occurred.
  • Two technical fouls and a player or coach is ejected from the game.
  • Any fighting, property damage, illegal or inappropriate behavior during the tournament or any tournament function will disqualify a player or coach for the rest of the tournament and/or jeopardize being invited to future tournaments.
  • Forfeiture: A game is forfeited if a team scheduled to play fails to take the floor or has less than four (4) players ready to play within ten (10) minutes after the scheduled game time. No rescheduling or return of entry fee will be permitted in the event of forfeiture.
  • The San Jose Zebra Rules Committee shall decide all protests.
  • Concussion: Athletes suspected of having sustained a concussion must be immediately removed from play for the remainder of the day. Athletes who have been removed may not return to play until evaluated and received written clearance from a licensed health care provider trained in the management of concussion acting within the scope of his or her practice.
  • Participating teams and players agree that the tournament host will not be held responsible for any injury or loss of property to any participants.
  • Team Roster Form: Temporary players (non-impact only) may only be included if there are less than 8 players on the roster.